Claus D. Steam whistle as ringtone on your phone

The laudest steam whistle in Hamburg. You like it as ringtone on your phone - no problem, just download the appropriate version below.


IPhone - Ringtone
IPhone Ringtone
Claus d.m4r
MP3 Audio Datei 253.3 KB
Samsung - Ringtone
Ringtone for other smartphones
Claus d.ogg
Audio Datei 160.4 KB

Claus D. Memorabilia

Claus D. mug


 Prize: € 8,-
















Claus D. Postcard


Reprint of Claus D. painted in oil by Christian                                 Prize: € 1,- per piece

Due to arrive

Claus D. Poloshirt




€ 20,-

Claus D. Cap





€ 20,-

For everybody interested to buy any of these items: I am sorry but due to German law and the organisation of the Museumshafen Oevelgoenne I am not allowed to open an Online Shop. If you are still interessted to buy any of these items, please contact us directly via the contact formular and we will find a way.