Welcome on board the Steam Tug Claus D.

We managed to get past the bureaucracy and starting next years season we plan to sail again regularly.


A small request, we hope that someone can help us out.


Control and regulation of our oil burner is done by a flame monitor "Saacke seavis FLUS 06"


As this type of flame monitor is not produced anymore and the ones which are sold at eBay from India are way too expensive for us...  we need your assistance to find new, old, refurbished ones.


Due to the installation and condition in the engine room, these flame monitors are not surviving long on board. Presently we are working with our last working one.


We urgently need new, old, refurbished "Saacke FLUS 06" (see picture below) flame montiors, preferably as sponsoring... In case you can help us, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

The last steam driven vessel in active service in the port of Hamburg.

Claus D. is a Steam Tug built in 1913 and now operated by the Museumshafen Oevelgoenne e.V. (Historic / Museum Harbour Hamburg Oevelgoenne).


Claus D. was in service up to 1983 and therefor can be considered as the last steam vessel in active service in the port of Hamburg.


In 1984 the Tug was donated to the Museumshafen Oevelgoenne e.V. by her previous owner the Eckelmann Gruppe. Since that time it is operated and maintained by a crew of volunteers.


Claus D. is doing regular trips in the port of Hamburg and on the river Elbe. It offers the rare possibility to see 105 years old technology in action and of course to see a modern port from a different perspective.

Owner:                          Museumshafen Oevelgoenne e.V.

Ponton Neumühlen
22763 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 41 91 27 61
Telefax: +49 40 41 91 27 62
E-Mail: info@clausd,de

With support of the  Eckelmann Group


Museumshafen Oevelgönne e.V.

Ponton Neumühlen
22763 Hamburg, Germany
Telefon: +49 40 41 91 27 61
Telefax: +49 40 41 91 27 62
E-Mail: info@museumshafen - oevelgoenne,de